Balancing Things with Ted Robinson workshop, Festival of New Dance 2015

Neighbourhood Dance Works’ commitment to contemporary dance is founded upon a dedication to the development of new works, new dancers and new audiences. Our outreach and educational programs reflect this vision. Over the years we have developed new programs such as Choreographic Labs Series, our In the Schools programs and Professional Development Workshop Series hosted during the Festival of New Dance.

Our outreach allows us to bring a portion of our programming into site-specific locations outside the formal theatre and into public spaces, enabling us to reach a wider audience who may not be familiar with contemporary dance.


BUTOH VOICE WORKSHOP with DENISE FUJIWARA & GERRY TRENTHAM - October 6-8, 1-4pm, 3-day intensive, $75
ACC 3rd floor dance studio

Participants will explore a new frontier of performance training. The program integrates the embodiment practices of the dance-theatre form of Butoh with the embodiment practices of Linklater-based voice and speech as a means to increased creative potential, range and precision as performers and  performance creators. Please visit Fujiwara Dance Inventions for more info.

MAX Arts, Athletics, Wellness, 6 St Clare Avenue

We invite you to join us in an introductory workshop of integrated dance, a field of inclusive exploration of contemporary dance open to people with and without disabilities. With the help of directed exploratory exercises using contact improvisation dance techniques, discover and explore as a group: your body language, your creativity, and your ability to come into contact with various dance partners. This experience will demonstrate that the encounter of physical limitations, the use of a mobility device and the harmony between able-bodied and disabled people make for extraordinary opportunities to have a better understanding of the body in movement. Basically, this workshop will enable you to live a different dance experience and enrich and broaden your horizons. 

The workshop will be directed by France Geoffroy (quadraplegic), a professional dancer and artistic director of Corpuscule Danse, along with her partner, Joannie Douville, a professional dancer and teacher for the company.

BALANCING THINGS with TEDD ROBINSON - October 9, 1pm-3pm, $10-15
Arts & Culture Centre Dance Studio

Tedd has been balancing things, on his head mostly, in performance since 1989. His investigations have led to thoughts about functional movement in performance, working with the release of performative gesturing and other things that inhibit balancing things in front of people. Basic performance/movement skills are an asset in this workshop. Participants should bring a grapefruit, not too ripe, to the workshop (but don’t let that stop you from coming). Please register in advance, ndw@nfld.net.

Arts & Culture Centre Dance Studio

This choreographic workshop combines parkour techniques with dance sequences fromAuto-Fiction and structured improvisations surrounding the artistic themes are explored. Dancers from Human Playground will lead this workshop. Participants will engage in specific warm-up and muscle activations, a required preparation for the movement repertoire. A dance sequence from the Auto-Fiction repertoire will be taught and conveyed to the participants in order to familiarize themselves with the choreographic material and perform a part of the piece.
For project videos and photos, visit: human‐playground.com. Please register in advance, ndw@nfld.net.



DAVIDA MONK WORKSHOP - July 8, 2-4pm, Free
Instrumental Room, MUN School of Music. In Partnership with Sound Symposium

A two hour workshop on sound/movement and music/dance collaborations focusing on the development of shared vocabulary including Putting on the Ice-Shirt. Co-directed by Davida Monk and Bill Horist. For more details on the performance of Putting on the Ice-Shirt please visit the Sound Symposium websiteArtist's Bio

ALICIA GRANT WORKSHOPS - July 21-25 and July 28 - Aug 1, 10am-1pm, $10.00/class
ACC - 3rd Floor Dance Studio.

BODY as VEHICLE drop in classes with Alicia Grant open to everyone. In this workshop we explored many ideas: how to carry somebody through the room, laugh for an hour, experiment with things that are considered difficult. Words like "challenge", "risk" and "play" were explored together in search of new discovery. We asked: "What are my boundaries and how do I use or avoid them, what is my fuel, what do I need, what am I curious about?".  We faced fears, found delight, followed curiosity and practiced staying present for it all. Participants experienced a very personal approach to these issues in a safe environment. Other curiosities explored were: continuously shaking for one hour, dynamic meditations from OSHO, hard dancing, touch, small dancing, good music, proximity, bad music, blind walking, tantric eye contact and butt massages. Participants moved between the mundane and the transcendent.These classes were open to all people with a body from all disciplines. Artist's Bio