Each year NDW presents First Look, an opportunity for local choreographers to present works-in-progress. First Look is held in a supportive environment, followed by a moderated discussion led by a local senior artist. The series increases awareness about the choreographic process enhancing the development of the dance sector in our community. First Look continues to be a crucial stepping-stone for local dancers who want to further their careers and seek funding for the creation of new work.

At times NDW offers one-on-one mentorship sessions and workshops with artists to nurture individual growth. Workshop material is often showcased at First Look adding to the impact for our artists. Many works showcased at First Look have gone on to be programmed at NDW’s annual Festival of New Dance.

First Look (Animateur Lois Brown) - June 28th 2016, LSPU Hall 7:30 pm

A work-in-progress showcase, this year's program will feature: Corrie Harnett, Sarah Stoker, Catherine Wright, as well as Rick Bailey and Laura-Beth Power.

First Look (Animateur Lois Brown) - July 22 2015, LSPU Hall

A work-in- progress showcase that featured: Kate Story (Bill Brennan, Kerr Wells), Lisa Porter (Andrea Tucker, Lori Clarke), Louise Moyes (Diana Daley) and TrixXxie (Liz Solo, Charlotte Reid, Jenny Naish). Two of these works were presented at the 2015 FND anniversary event.