Lois Brown, Beni Malone, Peggy Hogan, Cathy Ferri and Mandy Cook

Co-founded in 1981 by Cathy Ferri and Agnes Walsh, Neighbourhood Dance Works (NDW) began as a performance collective dedicated to creating innovative new dance works in St. John’s. As the organization developed, a performance series was established which showcased local talent, as well as work by leading Canadian dancers, making NDW the primary presenter of modern dance in the province.

Throughout its history NDW’s activities have grown to include artist residencies, workshops and seminars, as well as presenting dance performance in a wide variety of venues to an expanding audience. In 1990 Neighbourhood Dance Works introduced the first Festival of New Dance. Now, over twenty-five years later, the festival enjoys a reputation for programming eclectic and challenging dance work from Canada and abroad, as well as exposing local talent to new audiences.

Neighbourhood Dance Works has become a nationally recognized presenter of contemporary dance and has showcased internationally established artists alongside emerging choreographers and dancers, advancing the careers of many Newfoundland dance artists. NDW is a proud member of the CanDance Network the Canada Dance Assembly and DanceNL.

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Neighbourhood Dance Works has had the pleasure to present the following artists over the years: 

605 Collective
David Appel
Marie Julie Asselin
Peggy Baker
Amber Funk Barton
Martin Bélanger
Karen Bernard
Sandra Blackmore
Lois Brown
Susie Burpee and Dan Wild
Louise Bedard
Anne Bruce Falconer
Compagnie Virginie Brunelle
Maya M. Carroll
Cas Public, Martha Carter
Nora Chipaumire
Compagnie de la Tourmente
Jennifer Lynn Dick
Deborah Dunn
East Rock Crew
El Viento Flamenco 
Lee Su Fee
Paul Andre Fortier
Denise Fujiwara
Tina Fushell
Lynda Gaudreau
Margie Gillis
Caroline Niklas Gordon
Ame Henderson
Susanna Hood
Christopher House & Toronto Dance Theatre
Joe Ink
Sasha Ivanochko
Benoit Lachambre
Calla Lachance 
Dulcinea Langfelder
Daniel Léveillé
Jo Leslie
Kathleen MacDonaugh
Tammy MacLeod
Judith Marcuse
Jennifer Mascall
Gerry Morita and Mile Zero Dance
Sally Morgan
Isabel Mohn & Dean Makarenko
Claudia Moore (Moon Horse Dance Theatre)
Louise Moyes
Jose Navas, Gwen Noah, Andrew Olewine
Out Innerspace
Lynn Panting
Barbara Pallomina
Lisa Porter
Jacques Poulin-Denis
Aimee Dawn Robinson
Tedd Robinson
The Choreographers
Tristan Rehner
Manuel Roque
Jessica Runge
Lee Saunders 
Roger Sinha
Lin Snelling & Mary Ann Lacey
George Stamos
Solid State
Heidi Strauss
Jenn Goodwin + Camilla Singh
Liz Solo
Sarah Joy Stoker
Kate Story
Andrew Tay
Natasha Torres-Garner
Anne Troake
Peter Trosztmer
Jane Townsand
Andrea Tucker
Catherine Wright